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astrology tea thermos flask

Have you checked the Immortal Wordsmith tea shop recently? If the answer is yes, you’ve probably already laid eyes on this super cute item – the Astrology Tea Thermos Flask. Made with food-grade stainless-steel and a three-compartment design that’s perfect for brewing your favourite loose leaf tea, it’s hard not to love!

If you are looking for a small thermos flask for tea (and you really should be) then look no further. At the current time, we are shipping across the UK for free. We use snail mail, but it will definitely be worth the wait.

Why Use a Tea Flask?

Drinking tea is my passion but curling up inside with a good book isn’t always on the agenda. So having one (okay, several) tea flasks allows me to take my tea on the go with me, wherever I’m headed.

I have chosen this astrology tea flask for the Immortal Wordsmith tea shop because it is perfect for loose leaf tea. Most standard hot drinks flasks require you to brew your tea at home before you leave. But by doing so, you miss out on one of the huge benefits of loose leaf tea – brewing the same leaves multiple times throughout the day.

So, this simple tea flask – also called the cosmos flask – provides an innovative solution. Find out what it is all about and how to use it below. Leave a comment if you have any questions!

Astrology Themed Small Thermos Flask for Tea

Our small thermos flask for tea is designed by it Drink and features constellations printed on the sides of the flask. Can you find your astrology sign in the cosmos?

Available in pink, cream and black, the flask is perfect for brewing loose leaf tea on the go while minimising mess. There are three compartments: the top part that holds a generous amount of loose leaf tea, the connector that allows water to flow through your tea, and the main compartment for holding your brewed tea.

This cool design allows the cosmos flask to brew those tea leaves and filter the brewed tea into the steel flask without mixing the two!

Key features include:

  • 350ml total capacity,
  • Perfect size for cupholders in the car,
  • Ideal for travel and keeps tea warm for longer,
  • Insulating plastic on the outside, food-grade stainless steel on the inside,
  • Drink straight from the tea thermos or pour into a cup!

Take a closer look at the Cosmos Travel Tea Flask for its dimensions and more information. You can also reach out to us at Immortal Wordsmith if you have any questions.

How to Use a Tea Travel Flask

how to use small tea flask

Our travel tea thermos is not the same as one you’d use for coffee, hot chocolate, or tea that you’ve already brewed at home. As you brew ‘on-the-go’, there is a different process to learn. But don’t worry, it’s simple!

The demonstration shows the flask being used with rose buds, but you can use any tea variety you like. Just remember to adjust the amount of tea leaf and the water temperature to suit your tea type.

Fill the Tea Thermos Flask

First, unscrew all three components of the astrology tea flask and measure out your tea leaves. For a 350ml flask, I recommend using 2g or less. Don’t forget that you can leave your tea to brew for longer than usual while you travel.

Add your tea to the top compartment and screw on the middle piece so the stainless-steel edge is facing outward, and the tea leaves are securely held in place.

Next, fill the stainless-steel compartment with a little hot water. Swirl this around until the flask is heated, then pour out the water. Now, fill it up again until 95% full, leaving a little gap so you can comfortably screw the pieces together.

Note: by rinsing out the flask first, you preheat the metal and allow your tea to stay hot for longer. This is not to clean the flask – in fact, you should thoroughly clean the flask after using it to prevent any tea flavours from lingering.

Drink Tea, Travel Far!

Once your flask is securely screwed together, tip it upside down! This allows the water from the main flask compartment to flow into the tea leaves compartment. Let your tea leaves brew, then tip it back up the right way and firmly press on the top.

This allows the brewed water to flow out of the leaf compartment, back into the stainless-steel body of the flask. Now all you need to do is unscrew the water compartment and sip your tea!

Our Astrology Tea Thermos Flask has some great benefits by functioning this way:

  • Once you have let the leaves brew to your desired strength, you can strain out the water into the thermos, so the leaves don’t over brew and become bitter.
  • Your tea stays hot and perfectly filtered with minimal effort.
  • After drinking all of your tea, you can have the stainless-steel thermos filled up with hot water again (head to Costa or Starbucks for this) and brew the loose leaf tea a second or even third time.

When you are finished with your tea, we recommend disposing of the tea leaves as soon as possible. If you are travelling, empty the leaves into a bin and use a little water (bottled or even bathroom tap water) to rinse out the compartments. When you get home, wash the small tea flask thoroughly with hot soapy water and let it dry completely. This is key to preventing tea flavours from lingering in the flask.

cosmos steel tea flask

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