Hampstead Pure Green Tea Review

Hampstead Pure Green Tea Review

On this rainy November morning, I am sipping a cup of Hampstead Pure Green Tea and enjoying the sound of the raindrops against the window. While we are in the midst of spiced chai latte season, it can be really refreshing to sip a green tea some mornings instead!

Hampstead are a good, British tea brand who are focused on organic and biodynamic (explainer below) teas. I’ve been reviewing a number of their teas at Immortal Wordsmith this year and I’m enjoying their herbal blends immensely.

Let’s find out if their caffeinated green tea is just as good.

Hampstead Green Tea at a Glance

Izzy's Rating
  • Origins: Makaibari tea estate in Darjeeling, India
  • Flavour: Smooth, rich pollen and grass with notes of hay

This is a very simple and smooth green tea with warm, rich notes of grass and hay. You won’t find any bitterness… but you won’t find any overly distinct flavour notes either. Overall, it’s a pleasant cup of tea.

hampstead green tea bags

Full Review – Hampstead Green Teabags

Izzy's Rating
  • Type: Tagged paper filter teabag
  • Tea: Green tea
  • Origin: Makaibari, Darjeeling, India
  • Flavour Notes: Pollen, grass, hay, mellow
  • Aroma: Fresh, green, spring grass
  • Milk or Lemon: Lemon, if desired
  • Where to Buy: Amazon UK or Hampstead Tea

Opening the paper packet, this tea doesn’t have much of an aroma. There’s a weak hint of fresh greenness, like spring grass, but nothing that really calls my name.

Once a good splash of water has brewed the teabag, the aroma develops a little. This is a rich kind of green tea, rather than a light and delicate one. It’s golden in colour and has a dried grass aroma with a touch of hay – it reminds me of a pan-fired green tea, rather than the fresh umami of a steamed green tea.

The flavour is very pleasant! You’ll detect notes of pollen and summer grass, with mellow hints of hay floating around too. It’s thick and smooth, easy to drink, and coats your mouth with every sip.

I would drink this tea when I was craving something warming and rich but not as heavy as a black tea. Although I wouldn’t describe the flavour as refreshing, the way it coats your mouth makes it a good palate cleanser after a meal too.

hampstead pure green teabags

How to Brew Pure Green Tea

As with all green teas, whether they’re from Hampstead or Twinings, the trick is to use slightly cooler water. Aim for around 80°C and steep the teabag for exactly 3 minutes. You can easily achieve this lower water temperature by letting the water cool in your mug for a few minutes before you add the teabag.

I also read an intriguing review for this tea on Amazon that suggested putting cold water in your mug with the teabag, then pouring boiling water over the top. In theory, I don’t see why this wouldn’t work!

The reason you should go to this effort for green tea is because boiling water scalds the delicate leaves and creates bitter, astringent notes.

You’ll find this green tea is also quite nice with a slice of lemon and/or drizzle of honey, if you want to sate a sweet tooth.

Why Hampstead Biodynamic Tea?

Hampstead rate very highly if you are interested in ethical, sustainable and organic tea. They work with a biodynamic tea farm in Darjeeling, known as the Makaibari tea estate. Several tea brands source their teas from this estate, which is probably why Hampstead is able to offer such ethical tea at a very budget-friendly price – it’s not owned by Hampstead solely.

Biodynamic means that the tea is grown in a way that isn’t just organic, it’s restorative. With organic farming, the focus is on not harming the environment to produce tea. With biodynamic farming, the farming method should improve the environment (e.g., restore nutrients to the earth, reforest areas, promote wildlife) while producing tea.

darjeeling green tea leaf

The quality of leaf inside the teabag is standard. It’s not a high-quality single origin tea. The leaf pieces are small and flaky to allow the tea to infuse quickly. Don’t get this mixed up with a truly high-quality leaf, like Tea Famille’s Golden Spring.

Overall, while the growing processes are admirable for their biodynamic and ethical ways, the actual quality of leaf that ends up in the box isn’t visually discernible from any other teabag green tea in the supermarket.


Hampstead Pure Green Tea is smooth, rich and very easy to drink. I have no trouble recommending it as an everyday green tea, although I would prefer a higher quality loose leaf green tea if you’re seeking a brew for a special occasion or treat.

The best place to buy this tea is directly from Hampstead if you’re planning to buy enough tea to meet the free delivery threshold. Alternatively, Amazon is another good place to buy it, especially if you have Prime and will get free next day delivery anyway.

Use the button below or the link above to find Hampstead Green Tea on Amazon – as an affiliate, I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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Tea-Ware Recommendation

If you opt for a loose leaf tea instead of teabags, which is my preferred way to drink single origin green tea, then I recommend using a special tea flask. My Astrology Tea Flask that we’re selling in the Immortal Wordsmith shop allows you to take your loose leaf tea on-the-go without all the fuss of additional strainers and teacups. There’s free delivery in the UK!

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