The Famous Grouse Smoky Black – Whisky Review

the famous grouse smoky black review

I recently reviewed The Famous Grouse which got a reasonable review but I wanted a little more for a whisky with “Famous” in the title – so step in Smoky Black – the whisky that could restore my faith in the Famous Grouse brand.

The Famous Grouse Smoky Black Whisky at a Glance

Jon's Rating
  • Type: Blended Peat Scotch Whisky – 40% Vol
  • Colour: Amber/Golden
  • Flavour: Dry, rubbery with slight sweetness that is overpowered by the smokiness. Unmistakably Famous Grouse.

Famous Grouse Smoky Black Full Review

I find myself at a bit of a loss with this review, being honest the whisky tastes like a smoked Famous Grouse which adds to the enjoyment of the drink. In much the same way as smoking salmon adds to the flavour profile of salmon.

When tasting it, it just felt as though I was tasting a smoked Famous Grouse with no new flavour profile added aside from the smokiness. The smokiness did overpower some of the sweeter notes of the original whisky and this dulled some of the high notes. Aside from the underlining rubber taste, the smoke for the most part added to the whisky and made it more enjoyable overall.

Famous Grouse Smoky Black Flavour and Aroma

I am not sure if this was because it masked some of the flavour notes I didn’t care for in the original Famous Grouse whisky or if it was because the smoky flavour added a bit more depth to an otherwise rather ordinary whisky. Either way, it improved it.

In terms of scent, it didn’t smell as good as Famous Grouse does but it had the smell of dry wood chippings and a slight citrus edge. The smell that was strongest with Smoky Black was that of alcohol (ethanol) and it didn’t smell to dissimilar to Vodka.

Famous Grouse Smoky Black Conclusion

If you’re going to spend your time using whisky as potpourri then I recommend the Famous Grouse as it smells much better.

If you’re going to do what any normal person does and drink your whisky, then go for the Smoky Black. It is a no brainer and the smoky flavour creates a much more pleasurable drinking experience. No doubt I will find much better peated whiskies on my whisky journey, but in the meantime, this will do just fine! And just in time for Christmas too!

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