Feeling Peaceful with Earths Secret’s Calm Supplements

Feeling Peaceful with Earths Secret’s Calm Supplements

My regular readers might not know this, but my regular 9 to 5 weekday job is writing content for numerous tea brands as a freelance writer and editor. So, I’ve come across the concept of using tea – and tea derived compounds – to create supplements before.

That’s why I leapt at the chance to try Earths Secret Calm supplements! Utilising the amino acid L-Theanine alongside other ayurvedic herbs, this is a natural supplement that’s designed to calm you down. As someone who deals with anxiety on a regular basis, this is hugely promising.

In this review type article, I’m going to explain what goes into the supplement and whether I’ve had any success from taking it. Full disclaimer: Earths Secret sent me this product as a gift, however my review isn’t an advertisement, and all my thoughts and experiences are expressed in my own words.

Earths Secret

Earths Secret create science-based supplements full of natural ingredients to “elevate your wellbeing” from day to day. Their website is full of keywords like nootropic, adaptogen and ayurvedic herbs – but it’s not just marketing spiel. You’re actually encouraged to research the ingredients in each supplement to discover the science behind their associated health benefits.

There are no filler ingredients here.

I have a lot of admiration for that. All too often I come across teas that claim to help you “detox” or lose weight, with a list of ingredients that have no scientific backing.

Currently, Earths Secret have three different supplements; Calm, Thrive, and Sleep. One of the key ingredients in the supplement I’ve chosen, Calm, is L-Theanine. Why am I singling it out? Because L-Theanine is a key amino acid in tea!

Tea Supplements?

Tea, the traditional kind made from the Camellia sinensis plant varieties, is a source of some amazing compounds. It’s rich in antioxidants, amino acids, and catechins. One of the most raved about is an amino acid known as L-Theanine.

L-Theanine is found in the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant as well as a couple varieties of fungi… and that’s it. Those are the only sources on planet Earth.

Although Earths Secret state that L-Theanine comes from green tea, it’s actually found in all types of tea. In fact, one study found that black tea contains more L-Theanine than green tea.

Furthermore, L-Theanine is what makes tea so different to coffee. The amino acid actually interacts with caffeine molecules to slow down the onset of your energy, and smooth it out. So, you won’t get jittery or crash later in the afternoon, like you might do with coffee. I’ve written an article explaining this in more detail.

Many of the studies into L-Theanine look at the amino acid and caffeine together, however Earths Secret supplement doesn’t contain caffeine. Instead, it has 200mg of L-Theanine in each serving. The proven health benefits of just L-Theanine include:

While L-Theanine was the ingredient that drew me to Earths Secret Calm, it’s not the only interesting ingredient in this supplement.


This ayurvedic adaptogen promotes mental health in general and may be linked to balancing the body and relieving stress. Earths Secret uses KSM-66® Ashwagandha in their supplement. I’ve got to admit, I really dislike the flavour of ashwagandha so I’m glad it’s provided in supplement form!

Holy Basil Leaf

I’ve reviewed teas containing holy basil before, however it’s more often known as tulsi in teas. It was chosen for this Calm supplement for its nurturing properties. It creates a sense of wellness and can enhance general cognition.

Rhodiola Rosea

Another ayurvedic herb that can improve focus and concentration. Combined with the other calming ingredients, it ensures that you can stay productive instead of sleepy! It’s a great addition to this supplement.

Black Pepper

Black pepper, organic of course, is added to improve the bioavailability of ashwagandha. In layman’s terms, it helps your body absorb as much of the goodness from ashwagandha as possible!

What Happened When I Took Calm Supplements

I drink tea every single day, so my L-Theanine and caffeine intake is already at a moderate level. However, I did notice that adding the Calm supplement to my diet helped to prolong the period between cups of tea. I didn’t get stressed so quickly and I breezed through my day-to-day tasks.

Okay, so it doesn’t work miracles. But every time I’ve taken this supplement, I’ve had a fairly good day. I don’t feel as stressed when it’s over and I don’t feel overwhelmed either. Instead, I feel balanced and at a normal level of productivity and overall wellness.

I count that as a success!

As for anxiety, I haven’t experienced any significant attacks or even blips that would require me to reach for the supplement. Perhaps because I’ve been taking them regularly anyway. It’s a bit too soon to tell how it’s impacted my anxiety long term, but I will keep this post updated if there are any changes – good or bad.

For now, why not take a look at Earths Secret? Besides this awesome Calm supplement, there’s also Thrive and Sleep to explore.

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