Adagio Holiday Cheer Tea Collection Review

Adagio Holiday Cheer Tea Collection Review

It’s time for some holiday cheer! This is my mini review of the Adagio Holiday Cheer tea collection. It’s a set of 6 festive-themed teas for you to try over the Christmas period. Adagio sent these to me to try inside a huge box of samples. Along with Rooibos Vanilla Chai and Autumn Mist Green, this is one of the tea gifts that I’ll be rebuying year on year.

Keep reading to find out what’s included in the collection and whether you should buy it as a gift (or for yourself!) this year.

What’s in the Holiday Cheer Box?

adagio holiday cheer tea set

In the Holiday Cheer Adagio Tea box you get 6 individual festive-themed black teas. I’ve tried them all they’re all very flavourful and tasty. They do contain flavourings as well as natural ingredients, but they don’t taste fake in the slightest.

I love that they’re all so different! Adagio have also avoided including the traditional Christmas tea blend of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, etc. While that is a lovely tea, there’s no doubt that tea lovers will already have that in their collection.

It’s refreshing to find a festive tea collection that thinks outside the box.

The 6 teas included are:

  • Candy Apple – Black tea, apples, candy apple flavour, cinnamon
  • Candy Cane – Black tea, candy cane flavour, peppermint leaves, candy cane pieces
  • Chestnut – Black tea, chestnut flavour
  • Cranberry – Black tea, raspberry leaves, cranberry flavour, cranberry pieces
  • Gingerbread – Black tea, gingerbread flavour, ginger, cinnamon, orange peel
  • Pumpkin Spice – Black tea, pumpkin spice flavour, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, sunflower petals

My 3 favourites are candy apple, gingerbread and candy cane. I have a sweet tooth, as you can tell!

Tea Lovers Will Be Over the Moon

These teas are FANTASTIC. The flavours are good and versatile. If you’re an unfussy tea drinker, the subtle nuttiness of chestnut tea will be your calling. For the sweet tooth, candy cane is the first you should try. And if you’re sad that pumpkin Halloween season is over, you can keep the vibes going with pumpkin spice tea and gingerbread tea.

The tea is whole leaf as well and the tins are airtight. I know how long these teas keep fresh as I’ve actually had this set for over a year and kept putting off reviewing it (I know, I’ll be on the naughty list this year).

You only need 1 teaspoon for a whole cup, which means you can make roughly 16 to 20 cups per tin. Even more if you re-steep the leaves a few times.

A Few Things to Note

My regular readers will know that even when I’m gifted tea, I’m still brutally honest. So, here are the not-so-good things about Adagio Teas Holiday Cheer:

  • They’re all black teas – I thought it would be nice if one was caffeine-free to have in the evenings.
  • You can’t buy these teas separately, if you happen to fall in love with one in particular. On the bright side, however, Adagio usually offer this same set every Christmas so you could buy it again.
  • The tins can be really hard to open at first. Because they’re so well-made and high-quality, the lids are a bit tight to keep the tea fresh. After a little elbow grease, you can work the lids free… but they usually pop off suddenly and tea flies everywhere. I recommend you open them inside a plastic bag, to catch the tea that goes flying.

But honestly, the quality of tea and festiveness of the entire set completely outweighs these tiny chips.

Adagio Holiday Cheer is a Great Stocking Filler!

The box set is a decent size and you get 28g of each tea, which makes it a perfect gift. You can wrap up the set for secret Santa or just to go under the tree. You could easily use this as stocking fillers too, especially if you have a family of tea drinkers. As each tea has its own decorative tin, you could split them up between the stockings.

You can buy Adagio Holiday Cheer directly from Adagio, or find it on Not On The High Street using the button below.

adagio teas stocking stuffers

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