The 6 Best Matcha Bowls Ever

The 6 Best Matcha Bowls Ever

Do you like matcha? Whether you’ve never tried it before or are just looking for some new teaware to love, my list of the best matcha bowls ever will help point you in the right direction.

I love matcha. Just hand me my bamboo whisk and I’ll be happy! But while I have an extensive teacup selection, my matcha bowl shelf is severely lacking. So, I’ve discovered 6 cool matcha bowls that I’d love to own.

I’m based in the UK, so all of the matcha bowls below are available to ship to any UK address.

Why Use a Matcha Bowl?

A matcha bowl is really useful for whisking up your matcha. It’s the right size and shape for your whisk and the wide surface area of a bowl makes it easier to whisk up a froth, compared to a teacup or mug.

Some matcha bowls are pretty cheap to buy – you can find those on Amazon. But others will set you back quite a bit of money. This is because some matcha bowls are handmade, others are made in a traditional style, and others use special forms of clay.

I love finding matcha bowls that are one of a kind!

Matcha Bowl Alternatives

If you’re not sure you want to use a matcha bowl, you can find alternative ways of making matcha. If you have an electric milk frother, you can put your matcha and water in a mug and use that instead.

Another way to create matcha is to put the green powder and water in a travel mug. Secure the lid tightly then shake it hard for a minute or so to combine the matcha and water (this also creates a lot of froth).

6 Best Matcha Bowls

Here they are! You can find a quick summary of each matcha bowl below, along with a photo from the brand and a link to buy it online.

Drip Glazed Matcha Tea Set by Immortal Wordsmith

immortal wordsmith matcha bowl set

First on my list is this gorgeous drip glazed matcha set that I’ve sourced for our shop at Immortal Wordsmith! It’s pictured above in beige, but is also available as a mellow pink and a soft green colour.

The bowl holds 600ml and comes with a bamboo scoop, bamboo whisk, and a ceramic whisk rest. I love that the glaze is applied by hand, so every matcha bowl is just a little bit different.

We currently have free UK shipping on all our products, so it’s worth checking out.

Teapro Matcha Ceremony Set

teapro matcha box

A simple ceramic Wan Nari style matcha bowl that comes with a small matcha scoop and whisk – both are made from undyed purple bamboo.

This is a great set if you are a beginner. You can also buy ceremonial grade matcha from Teapro that I had the pleasure of reviewing for the blog.

Whittard Stoneware Matcha Bowl

whittard matcha ceramic bowls
Image Credit: @whittarduk

A traditional and handcrafted matcha bowl! I love that it’s green, just like matcha. It also has this unique shape – it’s not a perfect circle. When it’s full, it holds 350ml which is a decent size for a matcha bowl. Many are much smaller than this.

Whittard also sell whisks and scoops for your matcha on their official website.

Matchaeologist Glass Katakuchi Bowl

matchaeologist glass teaware
Image Credit: @matchaeologist

Matchaeologist are all about matcha and they have some stunning glass matcha bowls for you. The big one is the Katakuchi bowl, which is designed for whisking your matcha in. You can then pour from this bowl (which has a handy spout) into the smaller Cloud Chawan bowls.

It’s a really lovely set and it’s available to buy from Not On The High Street.

Vireo Bloom Matcha Set

vireo bloom matcha bowls smoothie
Image Credit: @vireo_me

I love this set! It’s so cute. It contains a bowl, whisk, scoop, spoon, stand and some delicious matcha for you to try. As you can see from the IG image, you could use their bowls to hold your matcha smoothie in too.

Vireo sell their products through Amazon, so you can find this set on the marketplace using my button below.

Tealyra Matcha Start Up Kit

This is another cute set with a really nice ceramic bowl. I love the shiny green glaze on it! Unlike many similar sets, the Tealyra one comes with a whisk. This is really important for removing any clumps from your matcha, and that will make it easier to get a silky smooth texture from whisking.

This is another one that you can find on Amazon UK, but Tealyra also ship internationally if you need it.

Do you know of any other great matcha bowls available in the UK? Follow me on Instagram @izzysden and message me so I can share them with my followers!

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