The Big Unknown

This article is a little shorter than my usual posts, but something I wanted to share none-the-less. I was scrolling through Facebook and one of my friends posted a link to an article about a black hole exploding. By exploding, I am not entirely sure what they meant as from my (albeit limited) knowledge, I thought they consumed all energy.

As it turns out, there are whole areas of space that are completely unknown, including whether or not black holes result in something called white holes which emit the energy that black holes have consumed. In short, there are a whole host of theories about the universe and how we fit into it.

The Unknown Creates Comfort

On earth we are bombarded with information, we are taught science as fact and as that science develops it is replaced and things that were once fact are discredited. We are also constantly being told what to think, how to think and when to think it. What to buy, what to avoid and who to vote for.

The earth is a chaotic place of information, misinformation and outright false information. But in a world where everyone proclaims to have the answers for you, it is quite laughable to think that we really don’t have much more knowledge than we did as cavemen. Sure, we know the Earth is a sphere and we orbit the sun, and we also dress better than our caveman ancestors.

But when it comes down to it, if you look at knowledge as a whole pie we would only currently have a small slice of it. There is still a gargantuan amount of knowledge to acquire.

That for me is great, because in the void of the unknown we can fill it with God. And with God there is hope. With the human race fast approaching crisis point, there is great comfort in that unknown.

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