#tenyearproject – Week Two Update

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I am getting quite good at tracking everything and this week two update has quite a bit of new information packed into it. This week I was back in dad mode, my son being home for 7 days before he goes to his mum’s house for another week.

That meant I had my hands full and as always; personal projects take less priority. I say that, but I have got a lot done in the last week so I am happy with the progress.

How is Instagram Doing?

First, I would like to say I am thrilled by the number of followers I have in such a short space of time. I know that Instagram is notoriously difficult to build a following and one of the key things I am going to track over the #tenyearproject is how my following grows and whether I can pick out defining moments where my following grows in a large way.

At the time of writing this I have 23 followers which I guess to some seems a trivial amount. But, I am really happy that I mean something (no matter how small) to 23 people. I think sometimes we take for granted the people around us or the impact we have on other people, I don’t intend to do that. As I have said, I will appreciate 23 people as much as I would a larger following and will always put in a heap of effort regardless of the size of my audience.

In summary, Instagram is doing well (better than I expected) and I am enjoying the journey!

Father Son Time

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Ryan is growing up so fast, it seems as though it was only yesterday that he was born. It is awesome watching him grow up, he is very inquisitive and it is wonderful to hear his little stories.

I realised this week that sometimes we become obsessed as parents with routine and order (because it helps us manage things better) but sometimes we get too used to saying no. This week was a yes week, if Ryan asked for something, I would try my best to accommodate him (within reason). This didn’t actually drastically change the make up of our week together, resulting in a couple of extra trips to the play park and an ice-cream. Oh – and a couple of new games on his Nintendo Wii!

If anything, it made me appreciate the more fun things in life and it was great to enjoy the childish things that we ignore as adults. We spent a good deal of our time at Coalhouse Fort (read about the history of Coalhouse Fort and our day there) chasing each other about rather than exploring and the day was made much better for it.

This week has been a week of many smiles.

Podcast & Video

After sitting down with the video and two audio recordings from the podcast me and Chris recorded, I am mostly happy with the results. The audio has enough to cut and edit into a complete episode. The visual aspect of it though looks too “amateurish” for my liking and that is probably down to the way we set up. It means that going forward and in order to get a higher production quality we are going to be taking a lot more time with staging and set-up.

I would have liked to have got onto editing but a couple of things have held that process up. The first is logistics of moving files around. Izzy (who does a lot of the work behind the scenes) normally likes things emailed or sent via Dropbox or Google drive. This is a fantastic solution for proof reading the occasional blog post but saving video to a cloud takes a long time and then it takes a long time to download the other side.

We have come to the solution that it is actually best to save all the information to a hard-drive and physically move it to the location it needs to be (i.e. I drop it round to Izzy’s house).

But enough of the boring in and outs of the frustrations of making videos and podcasts. We will get there in the end and that is the important thing.

Things I Have Achieved This Week


There have been a few things that I have achieved this week and it is only when I write things down that I appreciate the amount of progress I am making – which I guess is the point of this endeavour to some extent!

  • Multiple blog posts uploaded including the start of my Thames Fort Urbex series.
  • Ordered more equipment for Video/Podcasting.
  • A new format for the website including branding, logos and agreed a strategy with Chris and Izzy about how we grow our blog further and reach more people.
  • First guided meditation written which I am going to have Izzy or my brother record, depending on which voice fits best.
  • New client has hired me for long-term writing in addition to my existing clients.

In honesty, there are a few things I would have liked to have got around to or things that I would like to be further along with – the mantra I will keep going into the next week with the #tenyearproject is that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

That’s all for this week, I will update you next week and make sure you follow me on Instagram for more regular updates @tenyearproject

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