#tenyearproject – Week Three Update

Whereas last week was about big changes and lots of ideas, this week has been about getting stuck in and completing a lot of boring admin type jobs. It has also been an incredibly frustrating week with lots of bureaucracy and form filling. This has meant I have had to focus my attention in areas that have not been as enjoyable.

Website Renewal

I don’t know if you know, but running a website costs money and each year as your website grows, it becomes more costly to operate. This year is no different and all of our renewals fall in the same month including our hosting which has risen excessively in cost.

It also meant that we had to make some tough decisions this week and we needed to decide as a team what we were aiming to do with the website. All in all, this was a productive process, but it wasn’t without casualties. Because Blair no longer lives in the UK and is starting a new life in Canada, it became apparent he wouldn’t be able to commit to the site.

Leaving Someone Behind Never Feels Good

It doesn’t matter what aspect of life you are leaving someone in, whether it be relationships, work or friendships, it never feels good to let someone go. I went through all of the emotions that you would expect; anger, guilt, relief. It is safe to say that this week was not an easy one but it was a learning one.

robert frost road less travelled

What Have I Achieved This Week?

It feels like as I type this that I haven’t really achieved anything this week as I am one to pursue personal goals normally. In truth though, this last week has been about collective goals and ensuring that as a team we were moving forward.

So, our hosting was renewed, we agreed a complete ban on banner ads and spam, we worked on a new direction for the site and we kept posting regularly on site.

I moped, grieved and focused on work.

Although I don’t feel like I have achieved much at all, I know I have achieved a lot this last week and my biggest achievement is being able to draw a line in the sand and move on to bigger and better things.

I know that there are some very exciting things on the horizon, it’s important not to lose sight of the bigger picture even if you feel as though you’re being taken down blind alleys.

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