How Social Media Is Transforming the Business Marketing Landscape

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In relatively short time frame social media and social networks have taken the world by storm. From now redundant platforms like Myspace grew the juggernauts of social media that dominate the web today.

At Immortal Wordsmith, we focus mainly on the big four. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. That doesn’t mean we don’t actively use other social media outlets, it is more that less popular ones haven’t honed their business model to help other businesses.

Here are the ways that the big four can really boost your revenue!


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Facebook has moved from a social network platform into a dominant fully integrated part of everyday life. It has become invaluable for people the world over to interact with people with ease and convenience. It connects people across social spectrums, countries and cultures; seamlessly filling any communication gaps.

It has also invested heavily in becoming the forefront billboard for businesses the world over. What more could a company want than to have a captive audience from the moment you wake up to the moment you sleep. I am sure someone somewhere is working on some form of sleep or dream marketing but until then Facebook is a marketer’s dream.

Businesses can pay for advertising space, boost posts and without being overly intrusive slide into people’s news feeds. The amazing thing about Facebook is that providing your content is great, you will grow your audience just by people sharing. With exceptional content that consistently engages people you will find that Facebook could be the outlet that multiplies your profit margins considerably.

A great feature of Facebook is that unlike Google, there is a piece of the pie available equally to everyone. There is no top result. Providing you use Facebook correctly it can make you a small fortune.


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Twitter is the one that everyone loves to hate and hates to love in equal measure. Like Facebook it boasts a huge usership. It boasts a brilliant immediacy, where ordinary folk such as ourselves can communicate (tweet) with celebrities or organisations. Companies using twitter have found it brilliant and a nightmare in equal measure as well. Never before has a platform allowed people to broadcast complaints so easily and openly which means that companies are being dragged into a new era of accountability.

We love this transparency at Immortal Wordsmith and Twitter is just as easy to promote a company as it is to trash a company. Having a savvy public relations and marketing team is a must for those venturing onto the twitter platform to make money. For those that get it right though, it pays off!

Twitter is yet to take optimise its business offering but be under no doubt that they will soon have additional features to enhance monetisation on the platform. Getting on Twitter now and growing your following could mean you are out of the blocks before your rivals are scrambling to act when this happens.


Instagram Scrabble American Flag Social Media Business Marketing Blog Post at Immortal WordsmithInstagram is a gorgeous platform that allows users to share photos, stories and videos. It is a visual marketer’s paradise. What better place to showcase your products to the wider world for free than on a platform like Instagram?

It is also a money-making machine. I have seen Instagram posts make individuals thousands in a matter of minutes. Most recently the footballer (soccer player) Mesut Ozil launched an item from his fashion range with a limited number available and a link to buy. Within minutes he had sold out. Of course, he had the added benefit of celebrity status, but the joy of Instagram is by consistently posting appealing content you are able to be in his position. So, a year down the line when you have thousands of followers and you’re doing your flash sales you will be reaping the benefits of that work.

Instagram is possibly our favourite platform for its ease and simplicity so make sure you get your Instagram content strategy sorted immediately.


YouTube Scrabble American Flag Social Media Business Marketing Blog Post at Immortal WordsmithYouTube has been monetised for a long while now. Simply having enough views on a video opens up the possibility of earning passive income by accepting adverts on your content. Then there are the actual adverts that get put there, as a company it is easy to see the draw from the off.

But YouTube doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to market on successfully, nor do you need droves of subscribers. With well made, high quality content you can market your company without much effort or cost. YouTube content strategies are best used when co-ordinated with the other 3 platforms we have mentioned.

Consider YouTube a final but important string to your social media bow.

Social media content strategy should always be inter-dependable. You will get far better traction using all of them rather than using just one.

For more social media insights and more in-depth strategies check back here. Alternatively check out our fantastic all-encompassing content packages and allow us to take your company to places you currently wish it could be.

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