Bodhi Leaf Tea Filter


Carefully dried and pressed, these natural bodhi leaves make excellent tea strainers and bookmarks.



To create these natural tea strainers, the leaves are carefully dried until only the network of veins remain. Paper-thin yet surprisingly wiry, these leaves are ideal for straining your tea. Just place the leaf over your teacup and pour your tea through it to catch any small leaves that pass through.

Each leaf strainer is approximately 12 to 13cm in size, but as these leaves are a natural product there’s always some variation.

Izzy has used these leaves in several of her tea photographs on the Immortal Wordsmith blog and continues to use them today. After pouring hot tea through them, they tend to stain. We quite like the way it looks!

We recommend storing the leaf strainer between the pages of a book when not in use, to ensure it stays flat.

Key Information

  • Natural dried bodhi leaf,
  • 12 – 13cm average size,
  • Rinse only,
  • Dry flat.

At the current time, we only ship to the United Kingdom.

Processing time: 1-3 days

Shipping estimate: 7-12 days.


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