One Way to Waste a Day

book garden

Art is the appreciation of one man’s perception of any given moment

Staring at the claret and gold grape leaf pattern embossed on the chair

Because if I look away now I’ll never see into the soul of the world.

I’ve been looking at myself too long now for answers to be forthcoming

Bible verses and uncontested parking tickets are all that I have left

I think it wise to be able, I think it wise to be able, I think it wise.

Twenty-nine grapes in a bunch teaches me nothing

Neither the flowers on the curtain, nor the grain in the wood, nor the dove

It’s 11:43 and if I close my eyes an opportunity may present itself

Amidst the shadows, between the crevices of my unconscious mind

To allow someone else upon waking to capture this moment

Of a recumbent figure no longer praying to idols since now I’m not one.

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Chris Kemp

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