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Facebook ads and Google ads have a fair bit in common. When both are used effectively you can see massive ROI (return on investment) that could beat all your other marketing efforts hands down…for a short period of time. Ads tend to provide you with short term boosts and should only be considered part of your marketing and content strategy. If you’ve got a small budget or are looking to start with some paid advertising for the first time, here’s everything you need to know about the 2 advertising platform giants. Hopefully it will help you decide which basket to put your eggs in.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads PPC advertising as part of your content strategy at Immortal WordsmithFacebook ads are, in my opinion, genius. By paying Facebook to have adverts on their website, you are getting in front of an audience that doesn’t even know you exist yet. I’ve been dealing with Facebook ads for a while. At first, I was sceptical, especially as the advert builder and system you go through was historically a bit “buggy”. But since then I’ve come to really admire the platform for what it is. Careful blog management ensures you have valuable content to offer, Facebook ads is a great way of directing people towards it. Here’s the main points you should know about Facebook ads:

Find the Right Audience

I just mentioned that Facebook allows you to get in front of an audience that doesn’t know your business yet. They probably don’t even know they need your product or service either. That doesn’t mean they’re not interested though. The great thing about Facebook ads is that you can advertise to a very specific target audience. So, for example the only people who see your ad for lawn mower sales are middle-aged homeowners with a lawn to cut.

Connect with Your Audience

Facebook ads will help you connect with your customer. Facebook is still a social platform, meant for more than just selling your products and promoting your blog posts as part of your content strategy. This is another thing that I think is brilliant about Facebook. You can run ads to gain hype for a new product, boost sales or get people watching your YouTube videos. The platform is a great way of engaging all those would be customers allowing them to share with their friends, like your Facebook page and join in competitions etc. You can be visual with your ads; there’s a lot of room for creativity. The more genuine and personable you are and the more you get to know the people you are advertising to and what they’re interested in, the better your results will be.

Fantastic ROI

I don’t just mean ROI for big companies willing to spend thousands on a single campaign. Even with a small budget, you can achieve a really great ROI. Depending on your goal and how well you utilise the Facebook ad set up (narrow your audience as best you can), your ROI can be huge, even for a small amount like $5 a day. Blog management is a long-term marketing strategy, so Facebook ads are a great way of producing a little boost in the meantime.

Do People Really Like Facebook Ads?

This is my biggest issue with ads in general, especially with the likes of YouTube, Instagram and other social networks where you’re not actually searching out the business/product being advertised, you’re just going about your normal day. When an advert starts to intrude on what you’re doing, getting in the way of what you want to do, it can often become a nuisance and regardless of what’s being offered, we tend to ignore them. Of course, there’s no doubt that Facebook ads currently offer a great ROI, but will that last? Unless your ads are offering value to your audience, they’re likely to skip over it, getting irritated that your ad for nail varnish is getting in the way of them seeing pics of their new baby niece.

Ad blockers are steadily increasing in popularity, so while I think that Facebook ads are genius because they put you in contact with your unknowing audience it may not be as fruitful as it is now in the future. That being said, Facebook have been careful to make advertising fit seamlessly with the platform so providing your content is not “spammy” you should be fine.

Google Ads

Google Ads PPC advertising as part of your content strategy at Immortal WordsmithI’ve always found Google ads to be a bit old school compared to other online advertising mediums. A simple plain text box for you to write your advert in, a bidding system and a set-up system that’s not overly user friendly (compared with Facebook, I found Google ads harder to get my head around). Despite that fact it’s a very fair system. Rather than the person with the biggest budget winning all the bids, Google focuses on the quality of the ad being offered. Once again this shows that you need to maintain a high-quality content strategy, offering valuable content, for Google to take you seriously.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking Google ads are no longer effective. Google remains the world’s favourite search engine and although the ROI isn’t as consistent as other platforms, when utilised correctly the profits can be staggering. Here are the key points you should know about their advertising system:

Target The Audience That Actually Cares

Google Ads let you target specific keywords. For example, you want your advert for cooking chocolate to appear when people search for “best chocolate for cooking.” Google lets you do that. Now you can guarantee that the only people that will see your ad are people genuinely looking for the product you are advertising. That’s a simple example but with Google ads you can really narrow down your targets to very specific key phrases (i.e. best milk chocolate for cooking deluxe brownies) in a way that Facebook can’t.

Display Ads

It’s not just in the search results that your ads can appear with Google ads. You have the potential to appear almost anywhere on the internet with the display ads and re-marketing options available with Google. You know how you just visited that online shoe store and now you’re seeing their ads pop up everywhere? That’s a display ad at work, following you around the internet and showing you ads for places you’ve been. Some businesses have found this effective, others have not. Alternatively, you could try hosting display ads on your own blog to generate additional income to fund your blog management.

A Huge Audience

Billions of people search using Google every single day. People trust the search engine to deliver them the relevant results they need. Showing up at the top in a Google search ultimately puts you directly in front of a huge yet specific audience. Furthermore, you’ll only be paying ‘per click’, meaning every time someone clicks on your ad, you pay Google. Facebook ads on the other hand, you pay to have your ad displayed to the audience.


While it is true that Google pick the best ad over the biggest budget, they’re still not overly friendly when it comes to your budget. Especially now we no longer have ads in the far-right column. The price per click really depends on the keyword you’re targeting and how much competition there is. Where you can determine that a Facebook ad costs £5 to run for the day, your Google ad campaign could be as high as £30 per click, which is huge and could potentially use up all your advertising budget at in an hour. Of course, if that £30 per click is converting well then it may be the deal of the century.

Depending on your goals, you might find that a combination of the two platforms offers the best ROI for you. Don’t be afraid to get stuck in with Google and Facebook ads, it is best to dabble and see what works for your brand!

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