Dying Light – Part 1

Dying Light Poem Part 1 by Jon Logan at Immortal Wordsmith

What terrible wretched creature am I?
In the deepest moments of night, wandering
Waiting, hunting, stalking.
My eyes watch as you pass by.
Then the agitation creeps in,
With urgency I strike, quick,
Hands at your throat as yours paw at mine.
A scramble, gasping no screams.
A sigh.
You’re passing out and then I reach for my knife,
Gently those eyes close, they hold no more fight,
Across the neck, a strong and confident slice,
Blood sprays  violently, spasms,
Then nothing, no more life.
Then relief, tranquillity, calm sets in,
Fleeting though, momentary,
I must leave this place now.
We have shared our time together,
That moment has passed.
Now it is for others to spend time with you,
You’re fading from my sight,
A fond little memory,
From the deepest moments of that fateful night.

Relax, breathe; everything will be alright.

Jon Logan

Jon Logan is a talented and dynamic author that loves living life without boundaries.

So often in life we pigeonhole ourselves into living in certain ways, sometimes this is self-inflicted and is purely comfort driven. Other times it is sheer laziness. With traditional measures of fulfilment eroding constantly; Jon Logan is pioneering a new and exciting lifestyle in a bid to change perceptions about happiness and prosperity.

Jon specialises in creating inspirational and thought-provoking writing that challenges readers to look beyond the confines of “the norm.” He brings a plethora of writing styles to the table to convey messages to diverse audiences from all walks of life. He is an avid explorer and loves sharing the world through his complex and unique eyes with his readers.

Favourite Movie: Drive

Favourite Book: To Kill A Mockingbird

Favourite Author: Christopher Marlowe

Favourite Band: Placebo

Famous Quote: "Drive fast on empty streets with nothing in mind except falling in love and not getting arrested." - Hunter S. Thompson

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