Dying Light – Part 1

What terrible wretched creature am I?
In the deepest moments of night, wandering
Waiting, hunting, stalking.
My eyes watch as you pass by.
Then the agitation creeps in,
With urgency I strike, quick,
Hands at your throat as yours paw at mine.
A scramble, gasping no screams.
A sigh.
You’re passing out and then I reach for my knife,
Gently those eyes close, they hold no more fight,
Across the neck, a strong and confident slice,
Blood sprays  violently, spasms,
Then nothing, no more life.
Then relief, tranquillity, calm sets in,
Fleeting though, momentary,
I must leave this place now.
We have shared our time together,
That moment has passed.
Now it is for others to spend time with you,
You’re fading from my sight,
A fond little memory,
From the deepest moments of that fateful night.

Relax, breathe; everything will be alright.

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