Coming Soon to Immortal Wordsmith – An Update on Our Progress

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You can consider this your first quarterly statement. We always look to keep everyone posted on how we’re getting on and where we are taking the Immortal Wordsmith project in the future.

How We Started

We originally had this domain as a company site that me and Izzy used to attract clients. We reached a stage where we no longer needed a business and no longer needed the money. This left us with a website that we weren’t using.

We decided to turn Immortal Wordsmith into a safe haven for our projects and our passions. Blair, who I have known since I was a child got on board and started contributing some fantastic content around the travel/naval/exploration niches. Chris joined the team to help me with a personal project I had been wanting to work on for years and with Chris’ passion and intellect I know we will be creating content that will help people.

Izzy is the backbone of Immortal Wordsmith and in many ways anchors and holds all of our content together. Her tea blog has also been a tremendous success and even the non-tea drinking people like myself enjoy reading her content.

Lastly, the Subtext has been posting in depth and informative game reviews that have captured our imagination and had us reaching for video game titles that we would most likely overlook.

What We Have Achieved So Far…

It is safe to say that the journey so far has been difficult at times. A month into the project Blair moved overseas which bought an added layer of complication to our process. Chris found that his real world priorities needed his attention and despite already being in a bit of a bad place myself, I took it upon myself to give up smoking.

In spite of all of this chaos, we have built something that people enjoy. We’re all very proud of our achievements so far which include;

  • A high Google ranking and authority reputation that some websites struggle for years to get.
  • Companies reaching out to us to collaborate and create new and different types of content.
  • Izzy now has tea coming out of her ass and we are wondering if she needs a storage solution for the amount of tea being sent by tea companies.

We have managed to achieve this without really having a direction or goal, all we wanted to do was share the things that give us joy with you.

What We Plan to Do Now

With the exception of Blair who is busy with his Canada move, we have all got a very clear idea of where we want to take our blogs.

  • Myself and Chris are recording our first Podcast this weekend and we both plan to expand out our blogs to encompass other media platforms like YouTube and Patreon.
  • The Subtext is busy working on more awesome reviews including a Life is Strange: Before the Storm review.
  • And Izzy, well she is incredibly busy with a shedload of tea to get through and review which I suspect she is incredibly pleased with.

We have also reached out to the Ministry of Defence and are hoping to expand the scope of Blair’s blog with a potential collaboration. The driver behind all of our effort is to create content that you can’t find elsewhere.

Upcoming Content…

Before Christmas 2019 you can expect;

  • Hundreds of new tea reviews!
  • A monthly podcast from the Undercard blog
  • 3 special abandoned place trips
  • More YouTube videos from the Subtext along with video content from Jon and Izzy
  • An eBook

We hope you have enjoyed the journey so far, we always do our best to bring you the best content we can. We spare no expense in doing so and as you will notice unlike other websites we don’t have banner and sidebar adverts. We hope you enjoy the work we have done so far and we plan to bring so much more in the next few months alone.

If you want to be kept up to date with what’s going on with us make sure you follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Beyond that, make yourself at home, put the kettle on and cosy up with some of our content!

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