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Welcome to the Immortal Wordsmith business and content strategy blog. Here we get technical and help you grow your business through direct insights into how we work as well as general advice. We combine our knowledge and pool it into one place to provide you the latest information.

Here you will find:

  • Best practices for SEO and social media
  • Immortal Wordsmith’s unique forecasts and marketing expertise
  • Business growth miniseries
  • How to blog posts
  • Effective marketing strategies and much more besides.

Content Creation Ideas In One Place

Content Strategy Caligraphy Premium Content at Immortal WordsmithThe business and content strategy blog is your “go to” place if you need a quick answer to a marketing question and will provide you all the useful hints and tips to enhance every content based aspect of your marketing plan. We have a real passion for this stuff so you won’t find any dry or monotonous content here. We aim to strip away the complexities and serve up all your marketing information on a simple plate, or in our case as there is so much, a platter. You will likely find we tell you things other SEO companies shy away from, we don’t believe in spewing out the same content as everyone else so you can expect many an original idea here.

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