A Beautiful Little Fool

The delicate edges of your face,

That smile that heals all pain,

The underwires, sultry black lace,

Knowing nothing would be the same.

The diamonds bright, that crown your eyes,

That laugh as you teased and played,

The guilt edged love and white half-lies,

I meant something but you never stayed.

You can’t relive the past they say,

You can’t remake the current day,

You can’t believe that things will really change?

If tomorrow is no different from today.

That affection I crave with everything I am,

Whispered words that passed your lips,

Words that I will never hear again,

A jigsaw piece that no longer fits.

I carry you with me to this day,

Torturous but comfortable all the same,

To think our reconciliation never came,

Heaven lost on a daisy chain,

Fragile, desolate, calm dismay,

My beautiful green light across the bay.

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