Urbex, Travel & Other Adventures

Urbex, Travel & Other Adventures

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Blair and I am a 30-year-old former Merchant Sailor with a love for anything mechanical or technical and a passion to travel and explore. My adventures form around a deep interest in ships, submarines, aircraft as well as abandoned places.

As it stands, I have currently visited 53 countries. I’ve explored a diverse range of regions, from the Middle and Far East to North America and Africa each with a unique story to be told.

Countless Stories to be Told

I have visited many third world countries including Ukraine, Eritrea and Djibouti, and also many economically rich countries such as United States, Japan and China.

Each have a different story to tell and, in this blog, I intend to review my past explorations and my future endeavours.

Life on the Road

Ukraine travel trip - Chernobyl town sign
Part of my Chernobyl experience in 2017

I currently drive trucks across the UK but sometime in the future I hope to have the opportunity to be pounding the highways of North America, as well as exploring more maritime and aviation related facilities.

So far, the highlight of my travelling life has been the visit to Chernobyl in the former Soviet Republic of Ukraine. Here, I and two friends not only witnessed the harsh reality of winter and the living conditions but also witnessed the endless struggle to put right a major industrial catastrophe. Even 30 years on, that struggle still continues.

Another highlight has been meeting Captain Igor Kurdin a former Ballistic missile submarine commander of the Russian navy (Delta IV Submarine); meeting him and his some of his colleagues was a very happy experience. I was also privileged in being invited to join them in a celebration together with other admirals and captains, something I feel incredibly fortunate for.

A Blog to Share My Travel Experiences

Submarine travel Delta IV SSBN
Delta III SSBN – See more pictures on my Flickr subhunter611

I want to share my explorations and daily life with people who have similar interests and also wish to travel to these places but may not be able to do so. I have already been fortunate enough to complete nearly all my life goals before the age of 30. I’ve ticked off many things on my bucket list and been lucky enough to have steered a ship, flown a plane and driven a train. I also have driven trucks, tanks, armoured personnel carriers and much more.

Follow me to read about my adventures and feel free to suggest places to visit; get involved and enjoy the wonderful journey that I am about to embark on.

Latest Articles…

Coalhouse Fort – Abandoned Places and Urbex

About half hour’s drive from me is a place called Coalhouse Fort which was used during both world wars and dates all the way back to Tudor times. It is a pretty unusual place to visit and without an active imagination it might even strike some as being dull. Perhaps that is why the owners operate haunted fort tours. Coalhouse Fort was even featured on an episode of “Most Haunted”, though the many times I have been there, day and…

Urbex to Woolpit – The Green Children Mystery

I have been meaning to visit Woolpit for a while now. Since we set up the new version of Immortal Wordsmith and focused on pursuing creative goals, I have had a million and one ideas flood through. In a way, stepping away from needing money has been very liberating and today I found myself at a loose end. Izzy was busy making tea, or cooking tea or making love to tea… so she didn’t want me to pick her up…

Mikasa Su Casa

Towards the end of the 19th century, the Japanese had opened their doors after centuries of isolationism. Part of the opening doors process involved rebuilding the navy and it will come as no surprise that in this period of history there was only one country to turn to when it comes to naval superiority – Great Britain. Great Britain was a nation built on sea trade and naval power and Great Britain had a type of vessel the newly receptive…

My Top 5 Ships That Never Were

Some ships never make it further than the drawing board, sometimes a design is drawn and then ultimately the plan is shelved due to political manoeuvring or cost considerations. Some of these ships are cutting edge on paper but the entire design unrealised. Here are my top 5 vessels which never were, as well as a little bit of insight into whether (or not) they would have changed the course of history if they had gone beyond the planning phase.…

FFG X The Frigate Competition – Who Are My Favourites to Win?

In July 2017 the United States Navy announced its plan to launch a competition for a new generation of Frigate to replace the already paid off Oliver Hazard Perry class. Within the overall scheme of things, the new frigate would also fill the void left between the Littoral combat ships and the Arleigh Burke destroyers. For those of you not as clued up about specific ship types, a frigate is a type of warship that usually (although not always) falls…

My Top 5 Pre-World War One Battleships

I recently wrote an article about my top 5 World War Two battleships and in that article I spoke about with the ending of World War Two and as the guns went silent, it was the curtain call for the battleship as a vessel. The history of battleships though is rich and full of exploits, adventure and intrigue and in this article I will tell you about my top 5 battleships in history. For nearly three centuries Britain would rule…

My Top 5 World War Two Battleships

World War Two was for the Navies a turning point, the battleship had reigned supreme throughout the first part of the 20th century, they were the symbol of ultimate power and it was a considered view that if your navy had no battleships were you a naval force to be reckoned with? By the end of the Second World War, all that had changed and the battleship was now irrelevant in the age of aircraft  other ship types. A new…

Churchill’s Cheap and Nasty’s

Often overlooked and underrated, the ship known as a corvette is by far one of the most effective types of vessel in commission in any navy. It is small, versatile, powerful for its size, and usually cheap (compared to other larger ship types) meaning they can be used as a force multiplier in war. My personal interest in corvettes stems from them being the unsung heroes of both World Wars. These small vessels were the back bone of the Navy,…

My Top 5 Corvettes (Not the Car)

Corvettes are a small and diverse range of warships that are used the world over as a manoeuvrable and budget friendly alternative to larger ships. Corvettes have been around a lot longer than the well-known car manufacturer and date back to the 17th century where the use of the name originated with the French navy interchanging the term with their sloop-of-war type boats. I have created a list of my 5 favourite corvettes, make sure you leave a comment at…

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